Here at Skyline Giant Schnauzers We take great care in placing our Giants to make sure that potential buyers know the breed is strong, intelligent, protective pets and understand their responsibility for training and socializing. The dogs we have in our breeding program have been screened for many hereditary health issues such as Ofa certification for hips, CERF certification for eyes and Thyroid screening.
All of our Giants are well socialized, love kids and are great protectors as well as great companions. At Skyline Giants, we pride ourselves in breeding sound, healthy, well socialized Giants and it shows in their personalities and dispositions. When it is time to place one of our Giants we want to make sure it is in the right family setting. To help us in this process, please complete this questionnaire. When you press the SUBMIT button this information will be sent to us via email and will help us evaluate your specific needs. Press the SUBMIT button only once. No reply email will be sent. Serious inquires please call a day after questionnaire submission. Phone number to reach us: 1-631-543-2038
If you have any further questions please email . Thank you Tonilyn & Bill Fay.

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