Skyline is a dedicated breeder of Giant Schnauzers located on Long Island, New York (NY). Our dogs are a big part of our family. The family consists of my husband Bill, myself Tonilyn, our son Nicholas and our daughter Taylor. The dogs take an active role in our family as well. They are great protectors, companions, and beautiful specimens of the breed. I strive to best meet the standard with my dogs and continue to want to improve and better the breed. First and foremost, I breed for temperament, health, and conformation. Of course the Giant Schnauzer has a natural ability to have a working drive and we make sure it is put to use.
In 2000 I purchased my first Giant Schnauzer and my love for this breed has blossomed from there! I enjoy their extreme intelligence and their intense devotion to their families. There is so much to learn and I continue to do so in my pursuit to improve the breed through constant researching of health, pedigrees, and combining different bloodlines to produce the best dogs possible!
We are a small breeder with puppies available for performance and companions with adults also occasionally available. We provide the utmost in quality breeding. Our Giants are well socialized dogs. We start them from when they are very young. They grow up to be great protectors as well as fabulous companions. At Skyline Giants, we pride ourselves in breeding sound, healthy, well socialized Giants and it shows in their personalities and dispositions. We take great care in placing our puppies to make sure that potential buyers know the breed is strong, intelligent, protective pets and understand their responsibility for training and socializing. Puppies are available to selected show and pet homes. All puppies have Ofa certified or XRAY cleared parents. All pet/companion puppies are placed with a spay/neuter contract and a limited registration with the American Kennel Club.
I have learned a lot about the many aspects of the breed and will continue to learn more throughout my life with these dogs. I enjoy showing our dogs, but most of all we enjoy having them in our home and part of our family. We are dedicated to improving the breed and will work hard towards that goal.
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