"Leaving my puppy prints in the sand"

Giant Schnauzer puppy at beach
Tonilyn, I wanted to say that Kahless has been outstanding with all other dogs. The 'daycare' will often take Kahless and introduce new dogs to their facility to him first as he is very polite and accepting of new playmates. (Here is a silly story, but it is one that the daycare folks tell newcomers to the facility. There was a poor little Pug, who on her first visit to the daycare was visibly frightened, as was the owner. The staff immediately got Kahless and prepared to have him in a smaller area with the little dog before introducing her to the rest of the pack. The poor owner was at first terrified when she saw how large Kahless was and how he towered over the little dog. It appeared that this large shaggy menacing looking beast would surely eat the little Pug. The poor little Pug probably had similar thoughts. When they isolated the two dogs, the Pug stiffened up as Kahless did the mandatory sniffing and the owner was paralyzed by fear assuming the worst would occur next. Kahless backed up looking somewhat confused at the Pug, and then squatted down so that this little dog could 'return the sniffing'. He did a similar behavior at his puppy obedience classes when, even then, he towered over his 'classmates'. Kahless has suffered a loss recently as his very best friend, a red female Doberman pincher from the daycare has recently left Vermont for Texas. The Doberman would literally mope until Kahless would arrive. Kahless is similar to Bobby in that he too takes slowly to strangers but it seems to be 'place' specific. He is usually social with others away from 'his territory' : our house or our cars. His instinct to protect vividly appears at our residence and cars! (His bark is an incredible deterrent). If we are out at neutral grounds he will generally accept people. Kahless has developed one pattern about strangers, which we happened upon quite accidentally, but he has become an asset to me particularly on occasions I take him to work. He does not tolerate anyone under the influence of opiates, benzo's, cocaine or THC - anywhere they are, even if they attempt to flush the substances from their systems. He seems to have tolerance for alcohol. I found out as I took Kahless in the lobby on one occasion and he was very social with everyone, he's a magnet - people just come over to see him, except that he would stiffen up and growl at two particular individuals. I apologized to the two people, noting he has never remotely indicated any aggression to anyone on neutral grounds and found their officers to have them reiterate my apologies. Later in the day the officers came back and said that the two individuals that Kahless growled at were positive for opiates and cocaine. A few days later I was going through the lobby again and Kahless stopped and growled lowly at three other individuals - all were tested - all were positive for substances. Kahless has since made a number of 'busts', with no 'false positives'. We thought he messed up once, when an offender Kahless 'busted', came back with a negative urinalysis in our field test. The sample was sent to the lab and the lab indicated that there were traces of cocaine as well as a flushing agent. This is fascinating to me as he has never been trained to do such work - he just seemed to think it was a job he could do to help, I am sure, based upon his observing his environment. It has demonstrated for me how much natural intelligence this breed really has and how much they really want to work and please.
Hope all else is well!
- Charlie Corbally

"We are so happy with him and so amazed"

Giant Schnauzer on bed
Tonilyn, Here is a picture I took of Destin this morning. It's hard to believe that he is almost 5 months old already. He is such a delight. He has a wonderful personality. He loves everyone and gets along well with other dogs too. He can hold his own with his big sister, Zaylyn, who is 3 years old. He attended puppy class and we will start beginner conformation class this month. We are so happy with him and so amazed with him. He is very smart. He has learned how to open our doors. So, there's no sleeping late for the hubby on weekends, as when I take Zaylyn outside in the morning for her business, he has the bedroom door opened and is hopping on my husband before we're out the door!
- Evelyn

"Emily and her new Skyline pup Macy"

Giant Schnauzer puppy on bed

"Carly with her new family."

Giant Schnauzer puppy on bed with cat
Giant Schnauzer puppy during halloween
Giant Schnauzer puppy hugs
Giant Schnauzer puppy with family

"As for Graham and me, Denali is the love of our lives."

Giant Schnauzer puppy on dirt hill
February 12, 2009
Dear Tonilyn,
I can hardly believe that Denali will be 2 years old on April 12th. She's an awesome dog. Not only does her beauty attract the attention of her friends (and mine) at the park, but her joyful personality assures that they fall in love with her. I know that Spirit won the working group at Madison Square Garden, but Denali's grace when she moves is Spirit's equal. The photo shows Denali at the top of a hill. She loves leaping on walls and climbing up hills so that she can survey her surroundings to look for her special buddies. When she sees a friend, she crouches on the ground and waits for his approach. Her favorite activities are rough-housing - putting her head under a rear leg and tumbling the other dog over, or playing two on a stick. She must have gone to a good nursery school because she's really good at sharing! She's gentle with children she meets. As for Graham and me, Denali is the love of our lives. She had a hard act to follow and it took her a while to win me over, but I'm smitten for life. She's smart and sweet and hasn't met a person or a dog (as long as the dog doesn't act aggressively towards her first) she doesn't like. She can be a bit stubborn and strong-willed, but what Giant isn't? Denali's the best and you are the best. Thank you for trusting her to us and for always being available for advice and for an invitation to come and visit all of your 4 legged family members.
- Betsy

"He plays and romps but doesn't miss a trick."

Well, just like having a small kid around.......... can't take your eyes off him for a minute and he gives you a laugh all the time. He struggles with new things, like going up some stairs or down others. He plays and romps but doesn't miss a trick. He comes on command now and sits upon arrival sometimes skidding to a stop on the tile floor. After playing for an hour or so, he is so tuckered out, he splays all over the tile floor trying to get as much ground contact with the tile as possible because it is cool on his underside. We went to Breakfast in the plane this morning and he was so tuckered out after the 15 minute ride and the half hour of playing at the airport that he slept under the table (outdoor dining) and never made a peep. The photo is on the wing of the plane after we got back.
Giant Schnauzer cropped puppy
This is a picture of Gunner "testing" us. He is not supposed to go onto the living room rug and whenever he does he is chased off with a stern "NO!" He runs off of the rug turns around and barks at us and lies down putting one or two paws onto the rug as if to say, There, I am still on the rug.
Giant Schnauzer cropped puppy
This is a photo of Gunner lying on the cool wood floor trying to get as much body contact as possible onto the floor. He does the same with the tile floor.
Giant Schnauzer cropped puppy
"Snoopy and his Red Baron have nothing on me!"
- Alan Witkin

""Winzig" and the boys he owns"

Giant Schnauzer cropped puppy

"They are such an important part of our family!"

Giant Schnauzer adults uncropped
Thought it would be nice to send a pic of Bella and Kahless on her 2nd b-day. We are having a hard time belieiving that Kahless just turned 6! Life is pasing by to quickly. They are such an important part of our family!
- Charlie and Jackie

"We are looking forward to many more years with him."

Giant Schnauzer adult sitting
Giant Schnauzer puppy with family
Hi Tonilyn,
So as you can see Dutch is turning into a big and handsome boy. He is weighing in at 80 pounds already!! He loves our long walks and playing fetch (which he never seems to tire of) also just loves hanging out with us as well. He completed his puppy training and intermediate training as well. He is doing well except for a bit of jumping up and pulling on the leash, but we are making progress every day. He is completely potty trained and we work on training every day, because if not he could easily take over the household J I’ve noticed that he is also starting to become protective of the house and will let us know if someone comes that he doesn’t know. He also loves to “herd” the kids, he doesn’t actually touch them but he runs by them really fast and then circles around. Hi is a big goofball!! The kids call him Dough-Dough J His ears are standing nicely and he seems so happy to be done with us posting them. We get him out on walks daily as well as take him to the petstore so that he may interact with other dogs as well. Everywhere we go with him everyone says how beautiful he is. Not many people have heard of or have ever seen a Giant, he gets a lot of attention. We are very happy with him and he has been a great addition to our family, we are looking forward to many more years with him. I hope you are well and I’ll try to keep you updated and send pics from time to time.
Take care,
- Jenny Hoopes

"Training has resulted in a very people and other dog friendly guy"

Giant Schnauzer puppy
Giant Schnauzer puppy
Giant Schnauzer puppy
Hi Tonilyn,
Our little puppy is growing and is a wonderful addition to our family. His training has resulted in a very people and other dog friendly guy who is also alert to any conditions at the house that are "out of the ordinary". He absolutely loves my wife and 7 year old daughter. When I come home from work it looks like his back end is going to wag off of his body when he sees me. Even in that state he will sit on command and wait for me to walk up and pet him (although he is still wagging his butt on the floor). He's very fit and strong. He can jump and catch his rope toys at great height and enjoys playing and running. We have a 5 1/2 foot tall aluminum fence enclosing about a half acre of our property. It is a beautiful sight when we watch him run. He walks several miles twice a day in our development and is a joy on leash. He has not reached off leash level yet and we wouldn't have him off leash in public anyway. People are always excited to see him and he gets a lot of attention when he's out and about. Here are a few pictures we've taken over time.
Best regards,
- Rob in NJ

"Giant Schnauzer from a wonderful breeder"

Giant Schnauzer puppy with family
Giant Schnauzer puppy
Giant Schnauzer puppy
We bought our Giant schnauzer from a wonderful breeder named Skyline in Long Island NY His name is Eddy and he just turned one , he is a loving ,gentle ,loyal pup whom is a huge part of our family !! He is great with our 2 girls and everyone who meets him says what a stunning looking dog he is , he is an amazing dog who looks after our home and family !
Thanks again,
- Chad and Angie Laplante

"I'll be with you 'til the end, Coop."

Giant Schnauzer puppy sleeping
Giant Schnauzer puppy
Giant Schnauzer puppy baby cuddles
Giant Schnauzer puppy baby cuddles
Giant Schnauzer puppy baby cuddles
In the beginning of 2011, my husband and I talked about starting a family. A family that included children and loving pets. Since I was never one to be patient, I convinced my husband that we should get a pup right away, so we could go through the puppy training phase before having a new baby. He agreed and we settled on getting a Giant Schnauzer. As a kid, I had miniature schnauzers as pets, however I always loved larger dogs. We did some research on the breed and it was settled, we were going to get a GS. Next, where would we get a GS puppy? I refused to get a pup from anyone other than a loving breeder with focus on genetics and finding great homes for their pups. This is how we came across the Fay family. I found their web site and started reading and then made the call to get more info. Within a few days, we were making the trip to pick up our newest addition, Bär (pronounced Bear). He was the sweetest fluff ball you could ever meet (and his Uncle Eddie was the sweetest grown up boy you could ever meet)! The Fay family spent time showing us how to take care of Bär's ears, what to feed him and how to groom him. We then made the six hour road trip back to Syracuse, NY with our newest addition. That same weekend we found out some more exciting news...we were going to have a baby! Wow. A new pup and a baby due later that year. Cool!
The year went by fast with lots of time spent in puppy class, preparing the house for a new baby and learning all about our new dog. I'll give you a quick overview of some of Bär's personality: Once our son Cooper arrived, everything changed. Everything. Not only did we have the crazy life of being new parents, we'll also watched Bär becoming a very protective big brother. Overnight, Bär changed. He began checking Coop's stroller when we were out for walks to make sure he was okay. He would sleep by the baby gate while Coop was taking naps in his room. He would lay at my feet when I was holding Coop and he was very watchful of any visitors who were interested in his new baby brother. He never messed with Coop's toys but was always first on the scene for any spilled food.In a few weeks, Coop will be two and a couple weeks later, Bär will be three and during the past two years, they've created a very special bond. Now that Coop is a toddler, he gives Bär hugs and kisses. He gets annoyed if Bär gets near his toys. He feeds Bär everything he eats. He tries to ride him like a motorcycle and he calls him "Boo boo" (Bär Bär).
Bottom line: they are inseparable.
  1. Loves butter (comes running to he kitchen as soon as you can get a stick out of the fridge)
  2. Does not like any vehicles driving by the house that have things on their roof (taxi cabs, pizza delivery cars, ladder trucks)
  3. If he does something naughty or you get irritated, he'll climb on your lap, holding you down and will lick your face until you laugh and tell him he's a good boy
"I'll be with you 'til the end, Coop."
Love, Bär

"Where do I begin…there is so much to say and love about our two Skyline Giants."

Giant Schnauzer puppy fall
The journey has been an amazing one, starting day one being welcomed into the Fay family home and spending the day surrounded by the most beautiful crew of Giants you could ever wish to meet. Fast-forward years later to the two beautiful Giants that we are so happy to share our lives with every day. Willow came to us first. Serendipity. Meant to be. She is the epitome of everything a Giant girl should be. She is sweet, funny, absolutely beautiful, and comes equipped with just the right amount of sass. Her athleticism and ball drive are amazing. She is beautiful to watch as she effortlessly jumps high into the air to catch her favorite ball instead of waiting for it to hit the ground, and as she trots and runs, so gracefully, as if she is gliding on air. She is indeed the queen, and yes, our lives do revolve around her. Brando came to us next. He is the sweetest, kindest, most loving boy and is such a joy to be with. He makes us laugh every day. He is a big handsome hunk and just melts your heart. He will show his love at any moment by sitting and leaning on you, or by putting his whole body in your lap and his head on your chest. Yes, he still believes he is little, and that he can absolutely fit. We love every minute of it. He loves to play “chase and be chased” with his auntie Willow and the two of them have carved their favorite track into the ground. It serves as the mark of two very fun loving and happy Giants. Both of them have been the absolute stars of their puppy K, obedience, and family group training classes. The trainers in all of our classes have utilized both Willow and Brando as examples to demonstrate behaviors and activities to the rest of the class. Brando learned conformation in breed handling class at a very young age. As a puppy he amazed us with his ability to be calm and focus on me and practice his moves and his free stack despite many, and sometimes “wild”, distractions that would occur around us in class. He got his feet wet in the show ring in the puppy class 9 – 12 months and then in the 12 – 18 month dog class, participating in various shows over last summer and fall, including the Nationals. Such a big deal for such a young dog and he took everything in stride and made us so proud. We have been so proud of both Willow and Brando no matter what we are doing or where we are. Whether we’re out visiting friends and their dogs, taking them on hikes, attending dog shows, travelling and staying in hotels, walking through a large crowded festival or strolling the farmers market, or cruising on the ferry across the sound, they are always welcomed and enjoyed by all that they meet. And everyone wants to meet them. It may take us longer to get around when people keep stopping us to meet “the beautiful Giant Schnauzers”, but we don’t mind. We are very proud to have these two special souls and love how they are so well mannered, and put a smile on the face of every new person they meet. Willow and Brando have, by far, the best temperaments of any dogs we have ever owned. Our love for these two runs deep, and their love and loyalty to us runs deep right back. Tonilyn and Billy – we can’t thank you enough for the love, care, hard work and level of dedication you put into raising and preserving this special breed, and how you do so in a way that far surpasses any out there. The ongoing support and mentoring that you make available to the families of your dogs for their lifetime is amazing. We thank you for entrusting us with Willow and Brando and we cannot imagine our lives without them. The meaning of the term “heart dog” has been realized.
- Monique, Gary, Willow, and Brando

"Minka is everything a Giant should be: strong, loyal, loving, adventurous, a little mischievous, and so incredibly smart."

Giant Schnauzer puppy winter
Giant Schnauzer puppy summer
Giant Schnauzer puppy summer pool
Our house may never be clean, but our hearts are full with this gorgeous girl in our lives. My family welcomed our first Giant when I was 6 years old, and ever since then, I couldn't wait to have my own pup. There was never a question that I would be getting a Giant--it was only a matter of when. We welcomed Minka to our family when she was 11 weeks old. I flew out to meet her after previously meeting Tonilyn at her house and then flew Minka back that evening to San Francisco. To say that she was an immediate star would be an understatement. She excelled at her puppy classes, had the best recall in the park, and was a champ off leash from 5 months on. We went on 10 mile hikes, explored the Canadian rockies, stayed at hotels, and took her out to restaurants. (The last one was her least favorite.) While on hikes, she never strays far, always looking back to make sure we're with her. "Find mommy" is pretty much her favorite game, one that she makes sure to never lose. I can't tell you how often we get asked if Minka's a show dog (she's not) or who does her grooming (we do -- in our garage!). She's just a natural beauty, both inside and out, despite always being covered in mud, sand, or leaves! When Minka was 14 months old, we welcomed her baby sister, Sydney, to our family. Minka was very interested in the baby, protecting her and her stroller from day 1. While she was sad to have less of my attention, she never acted out, transitioning into her role as big sister seamlessly. Now that Sydney is a toddler, they're the best of friends. Minka has never chewed even one of Sydney's toys, instead bringing them over for Sydney to have. She humors Sydney by running after the balls she "throws." And she even lets Sydney cuddle with her on her bed (sometimes! she is a Giant after all). I couldn't imagine our lives without Minka, and I don't think Sydney could either. She has no fear of any animals because of Minka, and has a general love for sharing and taking care of others, even at such a young age. Every morning, Sydney gives Minka her cookies, which Minka takes gingerly from her hands. If Sydney comes back and Minka is out with the dog walker, Sydney runs around the house looking for her. The two of them together make people stop in the street (and on the road).
Thank you, Tonilyn and Billy, for the love you put into your dogs. It is a true honor to be Minka's mommy.
- Rob and Lina

"I always wanted a giant schnauzer, from seeing them at a dog show years back. It was finally time!"

Giant Schnauzer puppy cropped
Giant Schnauzer puppy cropped
Giant Schnauzer puppy beach boat
Giant Schnauzer puppy agility cropped
Giant Schnauzer puppy agility cropped
I have had a few working dogs in the past (Sledding Malamutes, Obedience and protection trained Boxer & Cane Corso) so I felt I had some pretty good experience and was ready. I did my research, I tend to be particular with regards my fur children. I never believed that good looking dogs or lines involved in showing cannot work in all cases. I believe a dog can both look good to according to the standard and work, at least that’s has been my Goal and I found it at Skyline. For me Skyline Giant Schnauzer pups and dogs have superb balance in Structure (Solid, functional), Size (not too big, not to small) as well as Substance/Ability (Brains, diversity, willingness) Personality (Happy, guardian, friendly and loving).
I came across Skyline Giant Schnauzer and Tonilyn during my interviews of my short list of breeders. I knew once I got more details and corresponded with Tonilyn I had found my GS breeder. From our initial mutual chats onward. Everything from what Tonilyn expected as a potential home she would trust her dogs to, to what my life style and plans were with my perspective pup. I knew I had found a champion for my dream GS. Tonilyn assisted in all aspect from select the specific puppy NOT just on cuteness, But even just as important to fit into my life style and plans for my new pup. Tonilyn has always been a very considerate and readily available, quick in responses back in coaching for me with Eclipse with everything from diet, ears, health, grooming (actually finding someone local where I live to teach me hands on), training to general chatting regarding updates etc.
Eclipse my (Skyline GS), it took me awhile to even admit to myself, as I mentioned I’ve had a few great working breeds, Hands down the best for me all around dog I have had the pleasure to share a home and companionship with. Quality all around. People often ask me if he is a show dog. I chuckle and say no some of his many relatives are. I call him my “Happy Dog”, family, companion and Sentry of our home. I can take Eclipse out for cocktails and dinner (They will draw a crowd with people wanting to meet them), allowing kids and people to pet him, while maintaining his poise, to warning me when there may be some concern for caution.
Eclipse has proven to be not overly excitable, also no aggression or skittishness, He is confident and together. I can jog and walk him pass a barking agitated dogs no problem, he notices but stays on his square unshaken. We have started our journey of activities with the foundation of Obedience (on and off leash), agility, scent nose work and civil alert warning protection. We have many activities to good times a head!
Enjoy Your Skyline Giant Schnauzer!